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StarTrek Online - Breakaway
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"Shields have failed, armor is buckling sir!" Sikkuth yelled over the roar of the flames.

"Targeting scanners offline, torpedoes can't get a lock" Xam added.

Deetex shook his head, trying to find something to turn into an advantage.
They were losing this fight... Badly.
"Lost contact with the Litany of Fear" someone yelled in panic He couldn't focus anymore, the pounding noise of his cracked skull deafening and disorienting.
"Vesuvius is hit...."
Slowly he looked around, his head spinning.
"Incoming weapons fire!"

The ship rocked as more volleys of Borg weapons struck the already battered hull.
The Harkonnen was a tough ship, but no match for these tactical cubes... It wouldn't be long now.

"Can you stand?" Someone asked.
He glanced up, saw the contours of Gaylene's long red hair in the corner of his eyes.
She waved something over his head, a medical tricorder perhaps.
She muttered something he couldn't make out, then reached for her medkit.

He closed his eyes and squeezed them shut, grasping at the strands of memory to his childhood, the peaceful serene times on Vulcan, his training and the teachings of Surrak.
He found his inner self, a single precious moment of clarity, and concluded the only course of action left.
Slowly he stood up, and stared for a nearly undefinable moment at the view screen.
"Sir?" Someone asked... It wasn't Gaylene, wasn't Shea... Wasn't Eight of Eight...
It didn't matter anymore.
He took a deep breath, then gave his orders in his most commanding tone of voice.
"Tactical, arm and prime all remaining torpedoes and mines!"
He didn't wait for a reply, didn't need to.
"Engineering, funnel all power to auxiliary and engines, polarize the hull armor and burn those engines to full, take it out of life support if you have to, all of it!"

He turned to his helmsmen.
"Set a ramming course to that time gate!"
There was fire in his eyes, one would be sorely mistaken to question him now, not a single officer hesitated.
The little escort flung about, it's impulse engines burning brightly as the Harkonnen accelerated towards the gate.
The tactical cube that had singled them out turned quickly, pursuing its prey, already aware of their plan.
It attempted to lock the little ship with a tractor beam, rebuffed by the densifying armor.

The Harkonnen drew closer and closer, the time vortex pulsing and inviting.

"It's been an honor to serve with you, sir" Qu stated, his hand resting on the handrail next to his console.
Deetex nodded.
"My friends, you've been the best crew a captain could wish for, I thank you all for standing with me for so long..."
He clutched his fist, glaring at the Borg contraption that was now so very close to them.
"My only regret... "
He paused very briefly, but felt it took forever.
"... I can not save you."
The Harkonnen slammed into the rim of the time gate, it's saucer bend and twisted, the nose of the ship dug deeply into the armored structure of the gate.
The pylons gave in, the warp nacelles tearing away and slamming into the vortex and drifting into space, the hull convulsed and compacted, shattering the glass surface of the deflector array and venting the atmosphere...
As the structure collapsed and the dampeners gave way the valiant crew of the Harkonnen was thrown to front, Deetex felt himself lurching forward towards the gate.
He wasn't smiling, he didn't frown, but merely looked onward as his thoughts wandered away and his body disappeared.
Then the magazine buckled....
With a violent bright explosion all of the ship's remaining quantum torpedoes detonated, mixing with the already unstable anti-matter supplies, engulfing the temporal gate and reacting very badly.
In a brilliant flash everything disappeared, everything ended... And everything became static.


"You look like hell"

Deetex awoke to a strangely familiar voice.
He tried to open his eyes, but found the light beaming at him too bright for comfort, he squinted.
His head was killing him, and felt as though his intestines were about to rip themselves apart.
He tried to bend over, reaching for his stomach but found his arms unresponsive.
"Easy there buddy, you're suffering from temporal aphasia AND a cracked skull, can't imagine that to be pleasant."
Again that voice...

He felt something being pressed against his neck, and within seconds began to feel his arms and legs again.
He covered his eyes against the light, gazing through his fingers and the man standing over him.
There was something familiar about his features, the receding hairline, pointed nose, the sharp jaw...
"welcome to the 31st century... Grandfather...." The man stated.

It took Deetex the better part of an hour to regain his balance and composure, and the whole time this strange new man was standing there, right beside him.
What did he say, that he was his grandson?
As he got up from his medical bed he looked around.
The sickbay was strangely familiar in design, yet there was something alien about it.
The sleek white walls were slightly curved inward at the ceiling, with black and yellow highlights at the corners.
The instruments vaguely looked like Starfleet issue, but were compact and looked more then just state-of-the-art.

A hologram activated, a doctor program appeared.
"I'm giving him a clean bill of health, he should be perfectly fine in a minute."
"Thanks Gauss" the man replied, and the hologram disappeared again, smiling.

"Gauss" Deetex mumbled, recognizing the name of his own EMH.
"Can you walk?"

Deetex looked at the floor and his feet for a second, before dropping from the medical bed and taking a few steps towards a wall.
"Who are you?" Deetex asked, still gazing around the expansive medical ward.

The man shrugged, stepping closer to his patient.
He didn't answer.
"Name, rank, serial, now." Deetex commanded.
The man stopped dead in his tracks, and smirked.
"Dad always said you were a dominating bastard."

At the man's wording Deetex mind began reasoning.
'Grandfather, grandson.... Dad, father... Therefore my son...'

For a long moment neither man spoke, until the stranger broke the silence, finally submitting.
"My name is Jericho Seraph, I am the captain of this ship."
Jericho waved a hand to the door.
"Come, let me show you."

As they made their way through the ship Deetex gazed in awe at the size of it, the corridors were spacious and massive, the silent doors massive and fast, the crew casually strolling past them exchanging pleasantries and salutes as they passed.
They reached an auditorium, a massive open room with tables and chairs and food-court, the crew was socializing and chatting about, as Deetex and Jericho stood on the second floor overlooking from the promenade.
Deetex was amazed at the architecture, the sleek curving walls were all black with heavy yellow highlights and patterns, here and there red glass domes provided ambient illumination, there was something pure yet menacing about it all.
Jericho led him to a turbo lift, as soon as Deetex stepped in the doors slid shut and Jericho ordered them to the Bridge.

Within moments the Lift stopped and the doors slid open.
The bridge was small by comparison, with only two separate console tables, an alcove (Engineering station?) and a few more terminals following the backside wall curving towards a single odd-looking transporter pad.

Jericho gestured Deetex to follow, as he headed to a separate room.
The office Jericho entered was small and stark, a desk, three chairs, a computer terminal and a small window.
It didn't feel like an office, there were no personal touches anywhere.

Jericho sat down behind the desk and pointed to the chair opposite to him, Deetex took the seat and leaned back, looking at his supposed grandson.

They sat in silence, the only movement was a smile, slowly creeping across Jericho's expression.

After a few minutes Jericho chuckled, taking Deetex by surprise, his head cocked sideways.
"What is so amusing?" He aksed.

Jericho regained himself, straightening his face.
"It's good to finally meet you in person, sir."

Deetex shrugged.
"Where..." he glanced at Jericho's costume.
"And when, am I?"

"we're currently holding orbit over the former Vega colony, the year is 3029... and you..."
He got up from his chair, and extended his hand.
Hesitantly Deetex got up and shook Jericho's hand, looking intently.
"Welcome aboard the ISS Secher Nbiw"

Deetex stiffened at the prefix, his eyes flared open and tried to pull his hand back, but Jericho held him tight.
"It's not what you think, and trust me I know exactly what you are thinking."
There was something threatening about Jericho now, the tone of his voice, the look in his eyes, his stance and grip on Deetex' hand.

"Let go of me" Deetex stated calmly, turning his hand slightly before pulling it free.
"Sit down." Jericho replied, using the same commanding voice Deetex had used so often.

Without realizing it he complied.

"Dad warned me about this, about your impressions of the Terran Empire and what they did to you and your sister."
He sat down himself.
"But relations have improved, the Empire and Federation have joined forces and sided with the agency."
He paused.
"What kind of vessel is this?" Deetex asked after a brief pause.

"Mobius class Temporal Destroyer." Jericho replied in an instant.
"By your definitions it would compare to an Escort type, but in a class of its own."

"A warship?"

"In a way, yes... intended for the frontlines of the Temporal war... and the odd tactical insertion now and again."

He almost dismissed the latter part, thinking of it in hindsight.

"The Temporal Cold war?" Deetex asked.

Jericho raised an eyebrow, he hadn't expected this?

"The cold war escalated, our unknown enemy has been busy recruiting agents, displacing assets, wreaking havoc on the timelines and causing severe damage."
Jericho leaned back, taking a moment to sort out the story.
"The bureau and the Empire put their differences aside and joined forces, pooling resources and agents."
"And you're Terran?" Deetex asked.

"Yes, but you need to understand that the Empire and the Federation haven't been at arms with each other for centuries, live and let live."

Now Deetex leaned back, visibly relaxing.

"So what is it you want from me?"

This caused Jericho to smile, finally reaching the point.

"You've been a destructive element across time, multiple timelines and several times."

"I hate time travel."

"Nevertheless you've had your share, endulged in it even, and sadly not always for the best, having left a wake of contamination across time that has to date lasting reprecussions.
Per example, as far as we could tell you were never supposed to be in Quadra Sigma, nor were those Tactical cubes supposed to be there."

"Then where was I..."


With a single word both of them fell silent.
Deetex blinked, he knew he had a few close cuts in his life, several missions that for some inexplicable reason took a turn for the worse, then just as fast turned to his advantage.
"For some reason, the bureau has been unable to prevent your incursions, so we were contacted to arrange for your termination."
Jericho sighed deeply as he said that, then continued.
"Yet our attempts have recently been countered by our enemy, so the guys upstairs came up with a new plan."

"Which was?" Deetex asked.

"Recruit you at the earliest possible point."

The penny dropped, Deetex smiled and looked around.
"So you plucked me from my time at the moment where I was supposed to die, let me live with the knowledge my crew and friends are dead, with a mission left unfinished and enemies left alive, all in the hopes I will ally myself with my sworn enemy..."

"Given your other choice, yes." Jericho's reply was laced with subtext, the look in his eyes betrayed advanced knowledge.

"What choice do I have?"

"Well, you can either accept, or we'll put you back where we found you and start working on fixing your damage through other means."

Deetex scowled.
"That is not a choice, That...."
He stood up.
"Is an ultimatum."

"Call it what you will, those are your options, take it or leave it."
Jericho looked intently at Deetex, crossing his arms to show he would not budge in his offerings.

After a long pause Deetex sat down again.

"I'm not really your grandfather, am I?"
Jericho's mouth formed a small grin.
"What's one universe or another, can you say for certain if it's you that's staring back at you from a mirror?"

Jericho's cryptic answer gave Deetex pause for thought, he was implying his mirror universe self was no different from himself.
The sad fact was that he was absolutely right, both Prime and Mirror versions are extremely headstrong and fiercely loyal to whatever cause they believe in.
What difference would there be had they not been a universe apart?

Deetex sighed deeply.

"What is it you require of me..."
It wasn't a question.

Jericho's smile faded, down to business again.

"We have a number of assignments for you, ranging from cleanup to insertion to the frontlines."

"And how will I go about doing this?"

"31st century captain's Captain's prerogative, I get to pick my own successor from any one in history, anyone I deem fit.
I can't think of anyone more suitable than you."

"And your crew is okay with this?"

"Like you and yours, me and mine stick together, my ship is staffed mostly by descendants of those whom's lives you influenced over the course of history, they'll welcome you."

Jericho got up and walked around the table towards Deetex.
He stopped in front of him and placed both hands on his shoulders.

"We need someone like you, we need you, will you join us?"

Deetex glowered at him, his thoughts spinning around and measuring up.

"I have only just been kicked from Starfleet, haven't even had the chance to exercise my new rank with those Sardaukar people, and you would already want to pull me from them as well.
What am I supposed to say, yes, by all means? No, not ever?"

He sighed again, the weight of this decision weighing in nicely with the progression of the day.

After a long pause, he straightened and stood at attention.
"Where do I sign?"