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StarTrek Online - Breakaway
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"Always so emotional..."
His voice intruded deep into her mind.
"Be strong, little one..."
She struggled against her sleep.
"And follow me..."
He leaned over and kissed her forehead.
She felt something covering her.
Then there was nothing but soft, comforting warmth.

She jolted up, suddenly wide awake
"Deetex!" She cried.
But the room was empty.

She pulled at the blanket and tore it away, jumping out of bed and looked around, the tip of her dagger following her gaze.

The small room was empty.
She looked over at the doorway, saw it was empty.
Gazing down at her bed, she noticed nothing.
Then it struck her.
She was laying on her bed, not in it.
Was there anyone with her?

She quickly made her way to the tabletop where she tossed her belongings, grabbing the tricorder and swinging it around the room.


No particle matter, no residual anti photons or neutrino emotions... All it picked up was the air in the room and the odd bit of chroniton particles.

"Chronitons?" She asked out loud.
The logical part of her mind took over, it couldn't have been Deetex, he hates time travel.

She closed the tricorder, sighing and scolding, tossing the small device at the table but misjudging and sending it bouncing off the tabletop and onto the floor.

She merely stares at it for a minute.

"Time" she called out.
The computer responded.
"The time is oh five thirteen"

Too early to awaken, too late to go back to sleep.
She looked around, noticed the lights had dimmed somewhat since that Cypher guy came by, but she couldn't recall lowering them herself.
Instinctively she placed her hand on her forehead.
She felt something lingering there, right where He had placed his kiss.

'Can't have been...'

She took some coveralls from the cupboard and quickly got dressed, pausing  only a moment to glance at the scar on her arm.
'He'd be furious, but scars are cool'

She made her way to the terminal and looked up the Starfleet records.
Nothing about the Sardaukar...
Next she looked up Lane's currently location.
"Well, isn't that something"
He was right here, on Earth Spacedock, on the same level no less working the shipyards.

After dressing herself in a jumpsuit it took her only a few minutes to reach the shipyard.
So lost on thought she was she hadn't noticed her torn uniform was secretly replaced by a new black-and-purple one, the golden trimmings shingling brightly around the sheath for her dagger.
Nor did she notice the figure standing quietly in the other room, silently watching her, slanted eyebrows frowned in focus.

The large shipyard was quiet and abandoned.
Lane was the only one still at work, finishing reports and cataloging requisitions.
He didn't notice Calisto marching up to him, until she grabbed his shoulder and pushed him around.

"How long?!" She yelled, slamming Lane against the bulkhead, her hand tightly around his throat.
Despite her slim figure Calisto had great physical strength, and had no trouble subduing Lane.
He grabbed her outstretched arm with both hands and struggled, confusion and fear in his eyes.
"What!" He gasped.

She glared at him, feeling an aggressive surge through her mind she hadn't felt in years, and she reveled in it.
"You and Deetex, Sardaukar, tell me, now!"

"I-don't-know-what-you're-talking-about" he gasped in return.

"Liar!" She yelled in return, slamming him against the wall again.
Her eyes took on a murderous gleam as she brought her other hand, nails outstretched like claws, within a hair's width to his face.
She let her Terran nature take over, and could very well kill this man if he did not tell her what she wanted to hear.
Lane's eyes widened, swallowing hard before he closed his eyes and clumsily nodded.
He slumped to the floor as she let him go, massaging his throat and wheezing.
"You really are insane..." He whispered.

She didn't want to hear that, taking a hold of his shoulders again she raised him and for a third time slammed him against the wall.
"Sardaukar, speak!"

Upright and having caught his breath, Lane no longer held a look of fear, now he was actually grinning and squinted slightly.
He quickly brought up his knee into her stomach, then brought down his elbow on her back as she bend over.
Before she could react he grabbed her by the arm and swung her over his shoulder, then down on the floor.
He took a few steps away from her and pulled out a handheld phaser, aiming it at her.
After a few long trembling gasps she rested herself, looking up at Lane, then the phaser.

"You're crazy, and definitely your brother's sister.
Will you stop the bravado if I put this down, talk like mature adults?"
He tilted the phaser to the ceiling, disarming it.
"Or am I going to have to stun you and report you to station security?"

After a second of staring at him she came up with the perfect reply.
"Another run-in with security wouldn't do me much good, but wouldn't make your life any easier either, would it?"

"No, I suppose you're right."
With a heavy sigh he put his phaser away and helped her up.
"Sorry about the knee... And the elbow... And the floor, no hard feelings?"

She frowned, partially remember a quote her brother once used when she apologized to him... Something about apologies and weakness.

"Look, I don't know how you found out about us, about the Sardaukar, but I assure you Deetex is not in our ranks."


"No, I'm serious, we don't even have a leadership element right now, a wildcard like Dee would be counter productive"


"A wildcard, he's undisciplined, doesn't take orders well, too aggressive for his own good.
We just don't have the capacity to deal with someone like that right now."
He sighed, slumping his shoulders the way he always did whenever he felt like being confronted.

"Look, I don't know how you found out about is or think we wanted Deetex, but your mistaken..."
He stopped when he saw in her a crashing dread taking over.
"He's missing, isn't he?"

Her eyes filled with tears, giving him the faintest of nods, thinking back to what Quinn told her.

"Alright, maybe we can help, what was his last know location, maybe my people have some intel?"

"Heading to Gamma Orianis, going to the unicomplex to destroy the queen."

Lane suddenly tensed, his eyes widened at her words.
"When did he leave?"


"When did he depart, when did he cross the transwarp gate, tell me Calisto, when!"

She was confused by this, not sure where he was heading with this.
"Uhm, according to Wagner, just a week ago, why?"

Lane fumbled with his beard and mustache, contemplating something and humming in process.
"A week... A week a week a week..."
Snapping his fingers he straightend.
"Tegrin'll know!"


Lane made his way over to the nearest terminal and tapped a few buttons.
He turned his head to her before pressing the last one.
"Can I trust you?"
Again she nodded.
He finished his sequence.

The screen went static and encrypted, changing frequencies and directing the signal outward.
A sigil appeared on the screen, it looked like the UFP's seal but with the starfield image replaced by a golden lion head.
After a second the face of a Caitian appeared, he smiled as he saw him.
"Hey Lane."
"Hi Seraoh, hey, can you put me through to Tegrin, please?"
His smile faded.
"I wish I could, we lost comms with him a few days ago, he's out on a mission."

It took Lane all but a second to process.
"What mission, where?"

"It's actually good that you called, we're stretched a little thin out there.
He's in Borg space somewhere, but we can't get a fix on him, massive Chroniton surges are blocking us off."
Calisto stepped in few, panick in her eyes.
"Gamma Orianis? That's where deetex went!"
"Lane, who is this?"

"Calisto Seraph, meet Seraoh, also Sardaukar."

Both of them looked at lane now, piercing him with their gazes.
"Oh, are we telling strangers about is now, is that what we're doing?" Seraoh remarked.

"She found out about us somehow, her brother, a close friend of mine, went missing down there as well.
Can we send any ships to reconnoiter?"

"No, I've actually been meaning to contact you for that, you're the only captain we have in range, how soon can you leave?"

Lane looked over his shoulder, looking off through the windows at the many ships moored inside Earth Spacedock, his own way at the back, it's engines stripped and hull bare.

"My ship is out of commission for at least another month, plus I have seminars on the academy I really should attend."
Then he turned to face Calisto.
"What about you, Deetex gave you a starship, didn't he?"
Calisto looke away, she didn't want this confrontation, not again.
"I... Lost mine... I have nothing."

"I'm sorry to hear that... That's rotten bad luck."

"And with my luck and reputation I'll be lucky at all if they reassign me to a frigate."

"Thank you Wagner..." Lane mumbled.
"Thing is..." Seraoh continued through the screen.
"We don't just need any ship, we need at least a cruiser or dedicated science vessel, those Chroniton readings have us worried."
"Chroniton?" Calisto wondered.
She picked up chronitons in her quarters, were they related?

"Actually..." Lane began, slowly turning sideways back to the dry docks overhead.
Calisto followed his gaze.
There was another ship in dry dock, brand new, it's bare grey hull devoid of markings, it's sleek form and curved nacelles glinting in the lighting systems.
"We do have a ship available..."

Taking one step closer to the window, he gazed in awe at the brand new Vesta class vessel that sat right in front of them.

"Seraoh, can you arrange with Starfleet to have the Tigermaus assigned to Calisto?"

"I thought that thing wouldn't be operational until next week?" Seraoh replied.

"All it needs are weapons and crew, it's modular so installing the former won't take long... if I reassign my personel to it we can have it flying in a day." Lane replied.
Seraoh nodded, and started typing out various things on another terminal off-screen.

He turned back to Calisto, she stared in amazement at the sleek ship, letting her eyes wonder over every aspect.
"What is it?" she gasped.

"Officially..." Lane began, grabbing a pad from the table and reading the summary.
"It's designated a Multi-Mission reconnaissance science vessel, on paper it's the most advanced ship in the fleet, everything from it's warpdrive to the deflector to it's weapons and even lifesupport is experimental."

"It's beautiful..."

Lane took a few steps forward and stood behind her.

"It's yours, but under a few conditions." he whispered.


"First off all, you need to find Tegrin, Dominic Tegrin... he's our leader, of sorts, I suspect he was heading in roughly the same course as Deetex so if anyone would know where your brother went he would.
Find him, help him if you need to, then go look for your brother."

"How will I find him?" she asked, still staring at the ship, it's graceful lines and sleek
hull mezmerizing.

"Like I said, it'll take about a day to get it flightworthy, I'll compile all the info you need..."
He stopped for a second, then spun about.
"You lost your ship you said, did any of your crew survive?"

"Just a handful."

"Get them ready for departure as soon as possible, I'll transfer whoever I can spare over... and when you're done..."

He grabbed a set of Padds and pushed them into her hands.
"do your homework, you have a lot of studying to do."

"Done and done!" Seraoh reported through the screen.
"Congratulations, the Tigermaus is yours now, miss Seraph."

"Thanks Seraoh, I owe you one." Lane replied after a moment of silence.
He looked over at Calisto again.
There she stood, her hands full of padds, shaking on her legs and her eyes filled with tears.

"Argon... I..."

He shushed her, grabbing her shoulders in support.

"pucker up little one, I'm sure he's still alive out there, stubborn old bastard like that's not going to let himself get killed without a fight."

A faint smile touched her lips, she looked at him with admiration in her eyes.

"I don't know what to say, I... I don't know how I could ever repay you for this?"

"Find my boss, that's all I'm asking."
He said it almost as afterthought, as he made his way back to his workstation.

"Now go study up, there's a world of difference between that antique Dreadnought and the Vesta class, I'll arrange some crew and weapons."

"Can I... board it?"

"I don't see why not, most of the ship is pretty much fully sealed and finished."

"Thank you."

He nodded as she left the shipyard, half walking, half dancing, entirely overcome with glee and anticipation.

Within minutes she made her way through the docking port and access ramp, dashing through the smooth coridors of the brand new ship.
The soft grey walls and red carpetted floor looked and smelled fresh.
She slowed down and placed her hand on the wall panelling, dragging her palm and fingers over the crisp material.

It took her a few moments to reach the Bridge, dimly lit and deserted she gazed around at the curved stations and fancy chairs... spotting her own, raised in the middle.

Dropping the padds on the nearest station she made her way to the captain's chair and sat down, amazed at how far she could sink down in the new factory-fresh chair.
Trampling her feet she felt a surge of giddy senseless joy washing over her, completely engrossed in the new ship, forgetting everything else and letting the awe of the moment take her over.

After a minutes of walking around the bridge looking at various things and touching others, she took the first of the padds and quickly skimmed the content.
She spend the entire night in her comfy chair, reading all about her new multi-mission science vessel, studying the blueprints, summarizing it's capacity, finding out about all it's nooks and crannies.

This ship is amazing, all it needed now was a crew and weapons, and Lane was arranging that for her right now.

Time passed quickly as she engrossed herself in the paperwork, slowly the bridge started to fill with officers that greeted her absently.

As morning broke one of the ensigns came up to her, coughing after a minute of going onnoticed.

"excuse me, ma'am?"
She looked up, it was a young Bajoran, still rosy cheeked, probably fresh from the academy.
"Yes ensign, what is it?"

He swallowed, not sure where to start.
"Uhm, engineering crews report all systems ready, and station control gave us an all-clear, is it true commander Lane hand-picked you for this assignment?"

"I don't know if I was so much hand picked as I was drafted out of necessity, but yes, he did assign the ship to me in person."

Suddenly the ensign tensed and stood up straight, saluting her.
"The crew of the Tigermaus is at your disposal ma'm, for the glory of the Sardaukar."

Calisto didn't respond, merely stared blankly at the young officer, and noticed the rest of the crew seemed more lively as well.
'These guys are more numerous than that Borg medic let me to believe, I must keep my eyes open and mouth shut.'

"Incoming communique, ma'm, it's commander Lane, audio only."

"Open a channel." She replied.
A distant beep told her the channel was open.
"Commander Lane, my compliments to you and your crew for a speedy service."

"It feels good to get something done under such circumstances, I take it everything is to your likings?" Lane replied.
There was an air of pride and joy in his voice, and rightly so.

"This ship is beautiful, I can't wait to take it out."
It took her all but a heartbeat to realize what she just said, and matched it to what happened to her last command.
"Take it out for a spin that is."

"Good safe, trim down those pauses next time, though... She's all set and ready to go, just remember our arrangement, okay?"

"Of course, find this Tegrin, then go after my brother, I remember."

At the drop of his name she noticed the entire bridge crew tensed and became attentive, this Tegrin fellow must really be something.
Lane kept quiet for a second, after a brief pause he spoke again.
"Alright, I see command has already cleared you for launch, best not dally or all this will be for nought, good luck out there... Captain Seraph, Lane out."

And with another beep the channel closed.
Calisto sat up straight and took a deep calming breath.
Her heart was still pounding in her chest, after all she read she know this ship was not one to be taken lightly, aegis systems, cannon mounts, chroniton-integrated deflectors, point-defense systems, it was a science ship yet the pinnacle of tactical readiness.

"Helm, initiate the Aegis systems and take us out, thrusters only."