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StarTrek Online - Breakaway
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"There is one thing I would like to give you, in addition to that uniform" Tegrin interrupted. 

Deetex paused, halfway up the transporter pad, turning his head slightly, as Tegrin handed him a PADD. 

"I believe this intelligence report might warrant a slight course correction." 
Deetex took the PADD and scrolled through the text, his eyes opening widely. 

"More then just a mere star system I'd say, hmm?" 

"Where did you get this from?" Deetex asked, the source of the concerning intel more pressing then the content. 

"That is a cross-referenced article scooped from Temporal Inquisitions, I assure you it is accurate." 

He ran the numbers in his head, several cubes, countless spheres and nearly unlimited probes, all back in time, all at the heart of the federation, all at once. 
The death toll would be tremendous, the ships lost and planets assimilated, not to mention the Borg would gain a massive foothold in the Alpha Quadrant. 
This exceeds any previous priority deployment. 

"Where one ship failed, they send many, a familiar tactic, but an effective one, don't you agree?" Tegrin asked. 

Deetex looked up from the PADD, a new fire rekindled in his eyes. 
"Get me back to my ship" 

WIthin seconds he was back in his ready room, PADD in hand and a sealed package next to him, with the Sardaukar crest emblazoned on the lid. 

"All senior officers, report to the conference room!" He bellowed over a ship-wide PA, his voice carrying enough force to bring a Gorn ranger to it's knees. 
His officers should be there shortly, so he left himself, completely focussed. 

"Admiral on deck" one of the attendees cried, as Deetex entered the room himself. 

He gave a quick dismissal, then hooked two PADDs in a docking cradle next to a large overhead screen. 

"As you are aware I am no longer, officially speaking, a Starfleet officer, your following of my orders with this knowledge is a punishable offense. 
No one replied, they knew better then to ask uninformed questions at this point. 

"What you do not know, is that I have been approached by a third party involved in this war we're in, a breakaway faction not dissimilar to Section31, the Obsidian Order or the former Tal'shiar." 
He pressed a button, random bits of information and several ships projected off the overhead. 

"This group, ironically calling themselves the Sardaukar, have taken it upon themselves to fight the enemies of the human race no matter who or what the cost. 
Other then a direct superior officer I have not been able to determine who is responsible for this group, however the technology and discipline I have witnessed suggests possible ties to the Terran Empire." 

"And both the Federation and the Empire simply permit them to exist?" Chief engineer Ship asked. 

"So it seems, however I am not convinced either knows of the Sardaukar's existence, some of their methods seem somewhat…" He fumbled for words 

"Such as?" Three asked, his chief scientist and fellow misfit. 

"According to the information that has been handed to me, they have a history of deploying planet-killing weapons to bring down a confirmed target and threat, something they call a Stoneburner, a remarkably effective weapon of mass-destruction." 

"And you wish to associate yourself with these people?" Maxwell Xam asked, tactician and helmsman. 

"I already have, on behalf of this crew I have accepted an offer of employment, we're actually paid, most of us can continue doing what we did for Starfleet, but we are granted immunity from Federation reprieve and more importantly we will not sit idly by as our enemies enmass." 

He headed back to his own seat, pressing a few buttons as he sat down. 

"And that brings me to my next point.  
As you know we are heading to Gamma Orionis, based upon reports that Unimatrix 01 is open for a surgical strike it is or was our intention to finish them, I have new data however." 

A holographic projection of the Quadra Sigma system appeared, with a set of bright red blobs in orbit. 
"The Quadra Sigma system, a single yellow dwarf with two planets in orbit, both completely assimilated and under Borg control. 
Recon has detected a temporal vortex and severe Borg mobilization in the area." 

"Time travel again, where are they headed?" his chief medical officer Gaylene asked 

"Vega colony, four years ago" 

Shocked, his officers started to mutter. 

"I'm taking a guess here, but not by any chance after that skirmish that happened recently I hope?" FIrst officer Shea asked grimly. 

"I am afraid so, portraying a tactical insight quite unlike the Borg have previously demonstrated." 

He leaned forward in his chair, folding his hands together resting his elbows on the table. 

"I have tentatively accepted the Sardaukar's offer of enlistment, pending our decision we will reach at this table… we can either continue on our heading and hopefully cut of the head of the Borg in this era, condemning the past, or we can join formation with a handful of other Sardaukar ships at the gate and attempt to stop them, again, from altering history." 

The realization of lost opportunity settled in, his officers, good friends and loyal members all, locked in shocking silence. 

Orus, his Romulan tactical advisor, spoke up. 
"Do we have any on-site information regarding their incursion, any intel regarding their tactics and maneuvers?" 
Deetex signed quietly, as he pressed a few more buttons. 

The projection changed into a different system, the Vega colony, with red, blue, yellow and green blobs and lines moving around. 

"What are you looking for?" Qu, Deetex's chief tactical officer asked. 

"The battle of Vega 3 was known for it's multi sided conflict, Klingon, Federation and Romulan forces were fighting all sides, Commander Donatra was purportedly there as well, but disappeared along with all hands, commanding a Scimitar class dreadnought, the Borg tactics, as far as I can see, use many elements common to her historical exploits." 

"You are suggesting the Borg have already breached the Vega system in our timeline, and have assimilated this Donatra?" Mr Ship asked. 

"It is likely, if the Borg witnessed her tactics and deemed them more efficient then their own they will perceive the ship, few and captain viable subjects." 

"Officially, the events at the Vega system are deemed classified, all that is known is that all sides involved suffered massive casualties, and that the system has been kept off-limits." Deetex intervened, his Starfleet training showing. 

"And unofficially?" Shea asked. 

Deetex did not reply immediately, instead let the silence settle for a moment. 

"Unofficially, all hands were lost during an incursion of, breach yourselves, the Borg." 
Dodging several 'What's and 'excuse me's Deetex continued. 

"At the time no one thought much of it, it wasn't the first time the Borg had invaded Federation space, not even the first time for the other involved parties, the Klingons or Romulans, but it was noted that their present ships seemed severely weakened, much of the drones in regeneration or otherwise preoccupied, and severely disorganized." 

"I have no recollection of any deployment to that area at that time." Three stated. 

"Nor would you, you were separated from The Collective long before that, as was Two" Deetex replied. 

"Sir, you are suggesting we impose a paradox, the Borg at the Vega system are the Borg from our era, and your intentions are to stop them?" Mr Sikkuth, the Vulcan chief Mechanic inquired. 

Deetex never had much love for Vulcans, and Sikkuth was no exception. 
"No, Mr Sikkuth, I am suggesting we make sure our unofficial history books remain valid, Tegrin has informed me…" 
"He has informed me that we will have three ships waiting for us at the outskirts of the Quadra Sigma system, himself included." 

He signed deeply. 

"Lets face it, there is no way to stop them outright, not on our own and definitely not with the aid of Starfleet, so we might as well give it our best ship with the guns we have." 

"Why wouldn't Starfleet aid us, isn't Battlegroup Omega in that sector somewhere?" 

"Omega is currently entailed in a diplomatic war, making sure the Klingon Defence force stationed there does not abuse the mutual transwarp entry point, they are useless to us regardless of the situation. 
Besides, no self-respecting Starfleet captain would go anywhere near that star system without due paperwork filed in triplicate, we're dealing with a direct violation of the temporal prime-directive." 

Silence fell, as the repercussions to their actions started settling in. 

EIther end the Borg in this era here and now, or prevent ALL their actions from ever occurring in another timeline. 

Slowly Deetex looked up, tired of playing the waiting game. 
He stared each officer in the eyes, starting with Three. 

"I owe Starfleet my freedom, without it's intervention I would have remained a mere drone, stripped of individuality and choice, the sheer thought of them gaining an upper hand sends shifters down my spine." 

He turned to Xam. 

"Hell, either option sounds like fun, flying circles around a cube ought to give me an excuse to exercise my skills at the helm." 

Up next was Sikkuth. 

"Either course will have repercussions, logic dictates the most drastic objective takes precedence." 

Each of his officers had personal motivation for fighting either battle, as Deetex stared at them and listened one by one. 

Finally everyone was silent, for a long moment Deetex closed his eyes in thought. 

"Then it is decided, we head for Quadra Sigma… and enroll with the Sardaukar." 

He stood up. 

"We travel back in time, not to change history or to stop them outright, but rather to make sure history plays out as it should?" mr Ship inquired. 

"Correct, Seraph to the Bridge, realign our course to the Quadra Sigma system once we enter Gamma Orionis, proceed at maximum Warp." 

"Aye sir, ETA at the transwarp gate is 10 minutes." the comm replied. 

He cut the comm, and looked back at this officers. 

"To your stations, and prepare for battle" 


'Personal log, Deetex Seraph recording. 
Stardate 86833.1 

We ride to battle. 
My recent interaction with Tegrin has left me with some questions yet unanswered, but I am certain the matter will clear up eventually. 
I have ordered a course change, we are now enroute to rendevauze with Tegrin and his men at the Quadra Sigma system. 
According to his report, be as a handful of ships waiting for us there, but they will not wait long, nescecitating the activation of our quantum slipstream drive, in addition to the. Org modified transwarp coils. 
I do not like relaying on technology that is not our own, but in great need all risks are void. 

I estimate we should arrive within a few days, for good measure I've asked both Argon and Calisto to determine if they can rendevaux with us within the alotted timeframe, perhaps they can. 
Having a few more weapons in such a fight can make all the difference. 

Here's to hope, and the never ending bravado that goes with it."