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Parts 1~4 - Assasination - Warfront - Settling Differences - Gods amongst Men - Conclusion - What once was - Now and again

This is the story I've been writing for the better part of a decade now.

Drawing from personal experience, my daydreams and fantasies, I've decided to write down as I see the epic unfold for your entertainment.


I would like to donate this page to thank those in my life who contributed, edited or otherwise saw the story unfold and helped me stay straight.


Sarah Delahue(alias), Rocker(alias), Jacob L., Shadow M. and Jaydn(alias)- Excellent roleplayers.
...and yes, he really IS named shadow, as far as I know.

JP Suhr. - Close friend and biggest fan.
Your free copy is in the mail.

Dave S. - Also a close friend, fan and contributor.
Still have that bowl of keyboard keys at the ready buddy ;)

Nik. - Motivational kick in the groin and Closest of friends. I've known her for as long as I've been writing this.
Thank you Red, for being there.

Christine. - Mom, thank you for being awesome, for editing and proofreading, and hearing me ramble on.
You're awesome.

Vincent. - Wouldn't be able to get this out there otherwise, Props and salutations to you roomie.
Also, your turn to cook tonight.

Jess A. - Thank you for helping me see things straight.

Eilish. - and Thank you for being the focus point for so much wrong with me.