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The Mercury Line
First it started out as a few loosely designed ships, all to be replaced by a single ship called the "Mercury"(later to be known as the Dominator-class).
Then… the others started to follow, I think the second Merc to be born was the Decimator, then the Leviathan… and swiftly after that the rest followed.

Quickly recognized as a masterfully well-engineered design and well-deployed lineage, these ships would soon find their way into every nook and cranny in throughout the galaxy.

Many of these ships have undergone significant overhauls during their long years of service, but never has the need arisen to replace any of the established line... Don't fix what isn't broken, don't replace what doesn't need to be.
Although, as more and more historical records resurface and more and more of the Lord Emperor and Father's encryptions are broken, it is beginning to seem like the fleet's ledger was substantially larger than initially believed and perceived.



The tiny little Vulture lightfighter serves as short-range interceptor. It's weapons and shields aren't the toughest ever spotted on a ship this size, but it's surpreme agility enables experienced pilots to gain the advantage in any dogfight in no-time-flat.

The two engine nacelles are fitted with afterburners -oftenly argued useless-, giving the pilot the ability to nearly instantly catch up with a foe, or make a quick sprint for the hangar in case of an emergency.

It's small and "blobby" form also served as low-level countermeasure for equally low-level lateral-patterned detection grids, appearing as a piece of spatial debris or a wayward rock under certain conditions.

The original concept that led to the Aggressor is lost to the pages of history, however it served the empire admirably over two distinct roles for many reasons.

It's weapons and armor are relatively speaking standard for Fighter craft, four cannons, a missile launcher, countermeasures and mines.

It's biggest feature however, is the extreme range the ship can reach, as well as a completely modular design, allowing for quick repair and refit.

Optionally, the ship's rear weapons pod can be replaced by a cardo-dock, allowing it to serve as medium-range Combat Freighter.


The Empire's staple-ship, the Dominator space-superiority fighter has everything a pilot could wish for.

Six forward cannons and two rear-facing turrets, dual universal pylons for missiles or torpedoes, an expanded mine-rack and twin countermeasure dispensers, covered by dense armor coating and point-defense shields, while being propelled by thrust-vectoring turbines. It's only drawback is it's relatively high mass; the ship drifts for extended periods when the engines are cut.

The Decimator Bomber originally hit the drawing boards as a proposed successor to the Dominator, however it's razor-thin, hard-to-target-harder-to-hit hull design and long-range supercharged engines could not match the Dominator's agility. It carries six high-yield cannons, two double-expanded mine racks(also suitable for gravitic bombs) and dual-shield matrixes, making it a perfectly functional demolisions platform. Decimator

The Titan class Patrol Frigate. Larger than a gunboat but smaller than a cruiser, designed for prolonged deployments across long distances.

It can hold it's ground against most traditional raids but should not engage battleships if encountering any.

Has a small hangar and substantial facilities to support a small wing of fighters.

The Deity class was developed after it became appearent the Behemoth could not live up to its military expectations.

A surprisingly large number of hostile factions and splinter cells were starting to employ a swarm tactic against the larger vessels in the fleet, thus mandating a rapid-response and quick strike capital vessel.

The Deity class on itself is a noteworthy craft, armed not with oversized superheavy cannons but rather multiple overlapping turrets and point-defense measures. Fast and agile, she flew circles around the Leviathan and even the Behemoth.

The main feat however was the unique and remarkable detachable escort seated at the aft. When deployed it did reduce the thrust- and power outputs of the 'mothership' somewhat, however being barely the size of a corvette its speed and firepower, as well as the ability to strike from a completely different vector, rendered a single Deity class as threatening as a dozen Titans.



The Behemoth class Cruiser was introduced late 800's as a publicity stunt, proving the would-be empire was not all about guns and glory, but could also accomodate luxury cruiselining, executive excursions, cargo freight and diplomatic neutrality.

Armed with a quartet of omni-directional beam turrets, and two side-facing missile launchers, her defensive capacity exceeds it's offensive type, featuring triple-layered point-defence shielding.

As with most Mercury capitol ships, the Behemoth's external access is achieved via the bow-positioned loading bay, and a rear cargobay hatch.

"For every ship in the galaxy, there's a Leviathan looming over it"

While the actually recovered amount of Lethiathan-class Battleship falls a couple of thousand units short, Mercury is to be applauded for their ability to both man each ship and building each one in such perfect secrecy.
The Leviathan's arsenal is truly impressive, aside form it's six heavy torpedo launchers, it's 12 Particle cannons and plethora of short-range defensive turrets, the nose of the ship holds the infamous 'Ion Flux Cannon' a weapon whom's power is matched only by the sheer force of a solar-flare.


Designed in secret and build in Zerospace, the Black Knight's existence was never officially confirmed until the christening of her two sister ships, White King and Red Queen.

Each vessel is unique and can be commanded by only one, their respective on-board AIs are adament about this.

Black Knight belongs to Azriel.

Red Queen belongs to Calisto.

White King belongs to Darius.

Each is as unique as the other, and each is a ship that knows no equal.

Originally developed as the enforcer and flagship for the Grey Paladins, she could remain undetected for decades while lurking in wait for whatever objective she pursued. In terms of firepower, the exact makeup remains classified, although several batteries of missile launchers are known to adorn four sides of her hull, and a veritable plethora of incredibly powerful turrets scatter about her main and secondary hull.

They have a hangar bay, recessed and double-blinded bridge,


Calling it huge would be selling it short, the Mercury Juggernaught class is nothing short of a floating city in space.

The only one ever constructed was called the Imperial Sword.

This awe-inspiring vessel was designed with both psychological warfare and tactical superiority in mind, as few opposers would dare to face it... and those few who did, never last.

Litterally six times the arsenal of the Lethiathan, meter thick armor plating and permanent localized shield grids, covered by additional 3-layered point-defence shields protect this might ship. Internally she has enough room to store a Behemoth class; and still has room for the tugs who drug it in, it's escort, boarding party, maintenance crews, spare parts, replacement equipment and cargo... and that's just the starbord-side hangar!

The Galleon super-capitol ship.

Origin of the Mercury Foundries, this massive sleepership was launched shortly after the five Colonial sleepers in a slightly different direction.

Fully automated assemblies, primitive by modern standards, enabled this gargantuan construct to colonize a planet on it's own, while it's inhabitants and solitary captain did the organic work.

It's weapons, defensive capacity and design statistics are deemed classified still to this date.