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Startrek Online.

Wow... what an adventure.

One of the many MMORPGs I've played, this is the one that got me into the most trouble by far.

See, before I started to actually play; it hadn't been released yet, it was still in development.
Now normally you shouldn't spend money on a product that's not finished yet (This goes for intellectial, digital and physical products), so I hadn't ordered it, and gave it very little thought.

Then one faithfull day, I got a new colleague. He quickly gathered that I was a trekkie and started lamenting his gaming clan and STO -much to the displeasure of our manager-.

Funnily enough, Sobani and I stayed friends LONG after that dead-end job ended for him, guess we were too like-minded.

I applied for membership in this clan, and was quickly accepted in. The idea was for me to be a part of the clan's Suicide Squad, the PvP specialists, the leathernecks, green berrets, the commandoes... alas the game didn't develop the way that made this division a requirement.

Anyway, many weeks of banter and development later I bought my way into early access to this game, and started playing.
As such I was quickly recognized as a genuine nice guy, knowledgable about most things computer-hardware related, quick on the trigger and a howling bloody-eyed foaming-mouthed berserker within the game, my regular DPS was as high as the next guy's Alpha.

I rose through the ranks, until eventually I felt I could mean more for the clan, be a part of the command structure.
Along with Alex we applied for a few open positions, and sure enough I got the job of Personnel Officer.

Imagine that, me, the go-to guy for all the rank-and-file, the one responsible for orienting new members around and acting as mediater between the regulars and the officers.
-yet I managed to pull it off-

Even earned myself a commendation and honorable mention by the big cheese in charge.

That job lasted about 3 months before another, higher, more esteemed position opened up; the Engineering department was in need of a second-in-command, someone to take over the day-to-day while the actual department head was busy keeping the website up and running.

In all there were three applicants, two at first and then I applied... after which one of the others quickly dropped out.
One quick sweat-inducing interview later, I was elected as commanding officer of the Yellowshirts, officially abandoning my position as Personnel officer and placed in charge of a particularly large yet inactive part of the clan.

Gradually I picked up the pieces and restored some of it, skirting very close to the juristriction of both the former MACOs as well as some of *my* boss' tasks(Which got me a sad smily and a request not to usurp the actual departmenthead via MSN messenger).

Things were not to last however, discidents were becoming disatisfied with the way the Fleet Admiral was running things, and a very large group picked up and left.

I remember logging into our Teamspeak server, dropping right in the middle of this debate they were having.
Spending only a minute there listening in quietly, I gathered what happened, took a screenshot, announcing "I will have none of this." and logging off again.

An hour later I returned, noticed a few channels had changed and the actual brass being in a meeting to which I had no access.
This is significant as I had risen to the rank of Captain at this point, that's the highest non-command staff rank available, in only 6 months time.

At that point I tossed the Fleet Admiral a message, I don't remember the exact content anymore but it basically outlined I have witnessed part of the event that day and have a list of names, sure enough I had only barely depressed the Enter key and I was dragged up.

Holy shidge, the Admiral's private chambers!
"Ugh, I hate the carpet..." Yup, those were my first words.

I filed my report, was thanked and then ejected back to the messhall, an hour later that meeting was over and over a dozen people were no longer welcome.

Now to quickly skim over a few months of more banter and gameplay, that wasn't the last time dissatisfaction led to an exodus.

Within the span of 11 months, I had kicked it to the rank of Rear-admiral(Lower), unprecidented!
The clan's official rules even stipulated an applicant for admiralty must have been in service for 2 years uninterupted!
Appearently I was doing something right.

SO then It happed again, another coup de'tat, this time the tables had turned and the three perceived sources of all that ailed us were usurped and ejected, these people being my previous commanding officer, the head ambasadeur and the fleet admiral himself.

My compliments to Tegrin for pulling it off, it's not easy even IF you have 100% of all assets at your fingertips -he didn't, there were a few things still inaccessible to him.

Sardaukar was (re)born, wherein I was given command of the then-StartrekOnline-only division.

Yeah sure, it was entertaining, until the amount of games we collectively played were exceeding the amount of suitable officers, so I proposed a restructure, rather then have specific divisions for specific games, characterize them, SciFi, Fantasy, Creativity.
Man that idea took hold, though my stance of wether or not StarWars can be considered SciFi or Fantasy(It's the latter) wasn't too populair.

Hey, why are YOU complaining, I basically GAVE you number 2 in the top-3 populair titles!(number 3 was Minecraft, see where I was taking this?).

I eventually started dropping the ball a bit, gradually discovering I am not leadership material on such a scale... just give me a small fireteam or border patrol... much more comfortable.

Leaving Sardaukar appearantly came as a VERY big blow to everyone, especially to the woman I loved back then... one of the many loose ends I wish to this day I had tied up differently.

I still dabble in STO every now and again, but I don't see myself joining (never mind running) another clan for it any time soon.