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Now I won't claim I'm any good at this game... not in lieu of the measure of totalitarian assholes that seem to rule in New Eden... but I WILL say I've been playing it since 2005 and I'm good enough to run Level 4 missions solo.

Eve is one of those games that's not just a staple in the pages of gaming history, it's a testament to the persistent stubbornness of a well thought-out design and critical design studio.

You see, almost everything that happens in this MMORPG Spacesim-like business simulator is decided and executed by the players.
Galactic policies, market saturation, industry and finance are all run by the players, not the devs.
Supply and Demand, border sovereignty and states of war are not fixed.

I dabble on-and-off in eve, from a history of long activity. Every now and again I feel a craving to pick it up again and decide to pay for a month or two subscription(ALso one of the longest running not-free-to-play) and roam about on my own.
Sometimes someone will join me, sometimes I join someone, but it usually ends after three months tops.

I can't afford to keep all my accounts active for a lengthy stretch of time... you see, I own four accounts because I can run the game three times on my main PC, and once more on my laptop. Multitasking at it's finest.

It's also very easy to roleplay in, within it's stricktly defined technological limits it leaves a lot to the imagination, see also my Eve Blazing story arc.(Not everything in there is entirely accurate).