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When I first started practicing airsoft, it was -THE SHIT-.

Three years later; still the shit.

It started in 2013, having become legal in Holland just that year, as a birthday gift to one of my best friends.
The four of us attended an open skirm, we each rented a gun(G36 for Sobani, M4 for Archer and number4, Kalash for me) and had an absolute blast.

Fun-fact, somewhere halfway through the front notch of my ironsights broke off, yet I still was able to place accurate volleys regardless. Whoever thought I'd be the foamy-mouthed hooligan running amok like a headless chicken wildly blazing without aiming was sorely mistaken.

Anyway, that was love at first-fight, immediately there after we all applied for licences and started cherry picking the best equipment, matching uniforms, suitable replicas and so on, we had plans and urges. -One of those was a team of our own, thus was born TRIWOLF AIRSOFT.

Number4 sadly didn't feel enough for it to continue this, so it was the three of us... we figured I'd be the support gunner, Sobani the sniper and Archer the assault.

Somewhere between then and now, I joked about the reversal of rules between me and Archer; after I got some proper cut-glass for my safety goggles I was beter able to estimate ranges and windsheer, allowing me to more accurate hit targets with my sniperrifle than Sobani was... who in turn got his hands on a Support weapon before I could.

As we started playing more frequently and more aggressively, improving our communication and coordination, our little three-man team started gaining name recognition, and likewise we started noticing familair faces.

It was somewhere down this line that we allied with the friendly folks of TRASH Airsoft, and not long after that, having expressed highly effective fireteam cooperation and mission accuracy, TRIWOLF and TRASH joined forces -Ours. Trash joined the ranks of Triwolf.
Some shifts in the hierarchy were made... I don't exactly consider myself a leading figure but still a founding father.
At this point, now finally -Happily- owning an MG42, I have fulfilled my desired role as the squad's most aggressive, most active and effective support gunner. Sobani, DRK and Hulk are dedicated snipers with enough hardware and skills to life up to the challange, and the rest...Well... they're all mostly part of the Assault division.

Currently our team is a steady 11-heads strong, and they are more to me than just friends; their family, my brothers and sisters through and through.